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"Gold has it's times, and this is one of them"

It was said by one of Canada's top CEO, true as gold price in the market have been rising. We are in a long-term bull market for gold. Over the years, when everyone was saying gold was a useless, barbaric metal, now some of us realized that it holds some real value. Gold could hit at $400 an ounce this year and investing in E-gold is one logical financial decision you did right. We at Global Projects will help you expand your investments in the global market. The world is open 24 hours for you to generate profits & create multiple income streams and choosing Global Projects as a partner to financial success is the right choice.

Digital currencies are the way of the future. They are easier to use, cheaper and very safe. Digital currency offer a good way to make micropayments - use them to pay for services on-line, without high charges of the credit card companies. Digital currencies offer the cheapest way to pay abroad. You pay as low as 0.50$ per transaction! Digital currencies can be used to store value. Inflation will not bother you when your funds are linked to precious metals like gold. Digital currency are accepted as a way of payment worldwide. Digital currencies offer the best alternative to bank payments for countries with heavy regulated banking systems, like Russia, Ukraine, India, etc. Digital currencies are here to stay. Latest legislation in the US and EU provide the framework for digital currency

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